Welcome to Eastern Energy Solutions, Inc

We are an energy contracting & consulting firm focused on increasing longevity and profitability for our clients by identifying and implementing Design-Build solutions that reduce energy costs, improve the working environment and resolve building envelope issues negatively effecting operations, productivity and production cost.

• Smarter Solutions:

We provide custom Lighting/Controls/Electrical/EV Charging/UVGI solutions based on individual client needs that greatly improve facility visual quality and comfort, business value, employee productivity, morale & safety.

• Incremental Savings:

Our solutions are designed to produce continuous energy savings, desirable ROI’s, honored warranties and valuable operational/maintenance savings.

• Preserve Our Planet:

We provide our clients with modern solutions that enhance their overall business environment and bottom line. Most importantly, we work toward a greener planet by generating energy savings and applying long lasting technologies that reduce fossil fuel combustion emissions into the atmosphere.

Ready to REDUCE Energy Costs and INCREASE Productivity?


…Marking our 22nd year in business, we are working hard to continue our position in this industry as one of the best companies to partner with. Please contact us for further information about the products and services that we provide. We’ll be happy to help!



Quality is necessary for longevity.

With 22 years of experience in the energy solutions industry, Eastern Energy Solutions, Inc. has the professional experience and reputation to earn your trust. We respect our client’s valuable time, are punctual and easy to contact. We are long time partners with utility rebate programs. With direct access to dozens of manufacturers, we will apply technologies tailored to YOUR needs. We continue to stay current with industry standards and market trends. EES takes pride in having built a business based on trust, reliability and results.

Fun Fact:

“In a Jiffy”

When you say you will be somewhere in a ‘jiffy’, you are referring to an existing unit of measurement. A ‘jiffy’ is the time it takes light to travel one centimeter in a vacuum.


The development of RGBW (red/green/blue/white) lighting (over RGB) has led to more diversified use of color changing lighting schemes. RGBW Light fixtures and LED tape are available that will not only create custom lighting arrangements, but can double as normal task/everyday use lighting.

Charging Station Availability

The strategic implementation of electric vehicle charging stations along travel routes and local towns/villages will help to reduce range anxiety and increase the adaptation of EV’s.