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Maintenance Programs

We at Eastern Energy Solutions, Inc. understand that maintaining your lighting system adds to the list of important maintenance challenges in your facility.


Though maintenance issues will be minimal after a recent lighting upgrade, there may be locations that were left unchanged for various reasons. Subcontracting the service or maintenance of these interior or exterior locations can be beneficial to your company.

Your system may also be at the 4-5 yr point where an interior or exterior group relamp can result in fresh luminance uniformity and include isolated ballast replacements.

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Maintenance Services:

  • Group relamping
  • Interior/exterior monthly or quarterly inspections
  • Fixture cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Labor only services during equipment warrantee periods, etc.
  • Fixed monthly fees for on call services or budgeting purposes

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Eastern Energy Solutions, Inc. is an Energy Star Partner. “Energy Star” is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.
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