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T-12 lighting phase out

T12lampsAre you still using T-12 Lamps and ballasts?

New technology in fluorescent lamps and ballasts has greatly improved lighting quality and efficiency.  The Department of Energy has passed legislation to restrict the manufacturing of lesser efficient fluorescent technology in order to help the transformation of the market.  As of July 1, 2010, the U.S. Department of Energy mandated that the magnetic ballasts used in many T12 fixtures no longer be produced for commercial and industrial applications. Also, many T12 lamps will be phased out of production beginning in July 2012.  Utility incentives are in place now to help cover the cost of replacing old technology in commercial and industrial businesses.

NOW is the time to replace or retrofit your T12 fixtures with more energy-efficient T8, T5 or LED technology.

Don’t be left behind!   Deadlines for taking advantage of valuable utility incentives are approaching!

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