UVGI: What is UVGI?

UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) applies the use of UV-C light wavelength (254nm) to disinfect surfaces and the air we breathe. As air passes through the UV-C light spectrum/wavelength, airborne infectious pathogens that can cause respiratory sickness, disease, and infection (including COVID-19) are rendered inert, in-turn providing high-level, facility-wide disinfection of the air supplied to occupied spaces.

The benefits of the UV-C air purification process help to reduce illness and absenteeism, increase the performance of students/staff and create general peace of mind.

UVGI lighting Eastern Energy Solutions


Is UV-C Safe?

UV-C has extremely low penetrating ability and is nearly completely absorbed by the outer, dead layer of skin where it does little harm. Over exposure, can cause reddening and temporary, but painful irritation to the most superficial layer of the eye, but it cannot penetrate to the lens of the eye and cannot cause cataracts.

Reduced Maintenance & Increased Energy Efficiency: 

The application of UVGI within the HVAC systems keep coils, drain pans, and other surfaces clean and free of microbial contamination. This reduces the frequency of coil cleanings, filter changes (labor and material savings) and extends the life the equipment. The reduction of microbial contamination/bacteria and mold growth on system components extends peak heat exchange efficiency and design airflow which maintains overall equipment efficiency and extends the life of fan motors and other AHU components.

EES UVGI Case Study:

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