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Why Lighting is Important

Research demonstrates that light has a profound
physical, physiological and psychological impact on people, especially in the
workplace. There is a strong relationship between light quality and productivity.
The more we take this into consideration, the more productive of an environment
we can create for our employees and our customers. With the highly developed
lighting technologies and design strategies available today, making this happen is
more than reachable in all applications.

Workplace lighting environments range from the office, lobby, manufacturing
floor, warehouse, hospital operation rooms, clean rooms, classrooms, retail stores
and so on. Poorly or improperly lit environments can result in eye strain or
headaches, mistakes, workspace dissatisfaction, loss of energy, depression
associated with SAD and general employee or customer discomfort. How many
times have you walked into an office that was dim and dreary, or a supermarket
where produce aisles were not properly lit and didn’t care whether or not you
returned? Proper lighting can transform these negative issues into physical
comfort and motivation for employees, and repeat customers for your business.

Investing in the proper lighting quality and design for the task being performed in the work place is value that can be realized in many ways. Depending on your business, a sustained 2-6% increase in production can be realized, directly increasing the ROI of your lighting project or even covering paid vacations for employees. It may also influence a prime prospective employee to accept a position or keep key employees from leaving their position.

Whether it is designing employee workspace lighting for optimal comfort and
productivity, creating a welcoming environment for a potential buyer of your
trade, or lighting retail items in a retail store, quality lighting is very important.
Professionally selected light fixtures and their locations/positions related to
design, while considering color temperature, rendition, glare reduction and
optimum energy efficiency, are all parts of quality lighting.

To learn more about how quality lighting can create large energy savings and
increased productivity in your facility, please contact Eastern Energy Solutions,

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